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Tipping Point is a consultancy that focuses on developing and disseminating responses to the carbon-constrained reality of the 21st century. We are a group of dedicated professionals who believe that success is not found in the pursuit of personal gain, but rather in pursuing goals that benefit society at large.

Tipping Point provides its clients with clarity and advice for their participation in a sustainable future. Our focus is to:

·         define the targets through what we term ‘carbon economics’;

·         deliver outcomes with best practice in infrastructure optimisation and planning;

·         navigate and redefine the evolving changes within the built environment; 

·         support public sector procurement and tender responses; and

·         keep on target through programme governance.

Our economy and society are at a tipping point such that the consequences of our actions and inactions will ripple through many generations to follow. Tipping Point seeks to be an active participant as Australia and the world manage the next stage towards a sustainable future.